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Claudia Starkey is an experimental artist born and raised in Romania who currently resides in the United States since the early 2000s. Her lifelong project, the surrealistic Fragmented series, explores the intricate workings of memory processing in the human brain. This assemblage features a unique fusion of personal photographs taken by the artist herself, meticulously processed through an intricate algorithm that deconstructs and reassembles the images to mirror the complexity of memory. Her artistic oeuvre seamlessly combines childhood memories, contemporary photographs of her own children and friends, natural landscapes, and uncommon travel destinations, spanning several decades.

Starkey has extended her artistic vision to include short films and music videos, utilizing the same approach to create surprising visuals. As an experimental artist, her main medium is photography, but she integrates various technologies to push the boundaries of visual art. Her artistic endeavors center on the concept of neurological diversity and how the human brain uniquely interprets external stimuli. She is fascinated by the way in which information is stored and processed, influencing our perspectives and expressions. The interplay of black and white and colorful imagery and the ever-present themes of nature highlights some of her artistic interests. Since 2010, Starkey has significantly expanded her creative endeavors by initiating a non-governmental organization environmental awareness project that employs film and photography as the primary medium.

In addition to her multifaceted exploration of memory processing and neurological diversity,


Claudia Starkey has made significant contributions to the realm of visual arts through her pioneering work in printing photography. As an experimental artist, she has developed breakthrough techniques that render her prints responsive to RGB light, adding an innovative dimension to her already eclectic and vibrant artistic portfolio. Employing this cutting-edge approach, Starkey has expanded the possibilities of visual storytelling within her surrealistic Fragmented series. The integration of RGB light responsiveness in her prints introduces a dynamic element, further enhancing the viewer's engagement with the intricate layers of personal images. This inventive technique underscores Starkey's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring new avenues of expression.

Furthermore, Starkey has developed a keen interest in the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its potential impact on human interactions in the future. She ponders whether AI will merely serve as a mirror reflecting human behavior and relationships or whether it will surpass these, fundamentally altering how we connect and communicate. This provides food for thought to all those who contemplate the intersection of art and technology. Will AI be a mere tool that enhances our ability to interact, or will it transform the very essence of our social connections? These are essential questions that Starkey asks, and her art serves as an invitation to all those who contemplate the intersection of art and technology to engage in these discussions. Her work exemplifies the fusion of traditional photography with contemporary technological innovations, making her a vanguard in the field of experimental art.

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